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Team VT won Silver Whips Cup

Team VT won Silver Whips Cup

Four teams up to 10 goals came at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez to play and win the Silver Whips Cup 2017, the third tournament of the season.

Under the heat that became more intense the first place was been played between the team ” VT Wealth Managaement ” and the team ” The Saint-Tropez/ Sea Breeze Polo Team”. After a relentless battle, Team ” VT Wealth Management ” won the SILVER WHIPS CUP 2017 tournament. with a score of 7 to 5.

The 3rd place was won in a half point. The ” The Dirk Ice ” team beat ” the F Polo team” won with a score of 7.5 to 7.

The player Thomas Fedier won the MVP price. Sorda, the poney of Sacha Fedier, won the Best Ponny.

The tournament ended with an awards ceremony, and a nice evening on the terrasse of the restaurant Polo 1999 started with dancers of the Cabaret Rouge and an Italian dinner made by our Chef with the ambiance of spectators and the team members.

Do not miss the next ” Sunday Polo Party ” on 25th of June. Top teams will compete for a chance to reach the Golden Wave Cup.

VT WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Agustin CANALE 6, Matias CARRIQUE 4, Thomas FEDIER 0, Sacha FEDIER 0, Total 10hcp

SAINT-TROPEZ P.T. // SEA BREEZE: Carlos FARINATI 5, Willf FINE -1, Estéban PANELO 4, Corinne SCHULER 0, – Total 8hcp

DARK ICE: Juan-Martin GARCIA LABORDE 5, Helen GODDARD-WATTS -1, Marcos HARRIOTT 1, Matias NIGOUL 4 – Total 9hcp

F POLO TEAM: Alshair FIYAZ 0, Justin GAUNT 4, Sebastian HARRIOTT 6, Lea SIBONI 0 – Total 10hcp

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  1. Cant wait to watch polo in France!

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