The French Triple Crown for Cibao La Pampa

It is what can be called great vintage! This 17th edition of the Paprec French Open was definitely the most beautiful one. From beginning to end: from the qualifying matches to the final. A final is not always a good one: the players are tense, scared of doing the wrong thing, the game is more often focused on defense. This time was completely different. By winning this 2017 French Open in their first participation, the Argentinian team Cibao La Pampa obtains the French Triple Crown further to its victories in the Gold and Silver Cup in Deauville. Just exceptional! The Argentinian businessman Juan Pepa was the happiest man on Earth this Sunday afternoon in Chantilly. Although a usually quiet man, he did not hesitate to cry his joy, along with a few rude words (of joy) that is natural among...

Sainte Mesme won the Charity Cup

The finale of the Charity Cup For JustWorld was obviously the main event of the day. Expected encounter between France team of Sainte Mesme and Switzerland’s Marquard Media. A dual in which the balance of level between the four players of Sainte-Mesme, led by the strong voice of Argentina Clemente Zavaleta (h7), prevailed. The black & blues led the encounter from the start, leaving no hope to Marquard Media, despite the tremendous efforts of one Martin Aguerre Jr. A clear final score: 12 – 7 and the consecration of one beautiful mare, named Cindy, from the Zavaleta’s Irenita breeding whose name could also be heard during the Abierto next winter. This tournament of the Charity Cup was dedicated to the association JustWorld International which is devoted to breaking the cycle of po...

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