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Team Why Not won USPA La Martina Intra Circuit

Team Why Not won USPA La Martina Intra Circuit

Why Not (Hana Grill, Jimmy Wright, Felipe Vercellino, Santi Trotz) ended the season with a bang, capturing the coveted USPA La Martina Intra-Circuit trophy against Klentner Ranch (Jake Klentner, Jesse Bray, Santi Wulff, Justin Klentner). The final tournament of the summer featured five competitive teams, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Klentner Ranch, Why Not, Brookland Plantation and Mokarow Farms.

Though Klentner Ranch has proven to be a tough team throughout the 12 Goal Season, Why Not turned on the magic for their final match. Bray scored the first goal of the game for Klentner Ranch, but Why Not took control of the field scoring five unanswered goals.

Klentner Ranch came back alive early in the third chukker with three goals, one by Jake Klentner and two by Santi Wulff to come within one of their opponents. However, two costly goals easily put Why Not back into the lead 7-4 at halftime.

A goal each by Bray and Wulff helped Klentner Ranch stay in the game, narrowing the scoring gap to two points. The play was fast, furious and open throughout the fifth chukker. Bray added another score for Klentner Ranch, but once again Why Not bested their attempts with three goals from the field.

Santi Wulff led the comeback for Klentner Ranch scoring three consecutive goals, while his teammates pushed hard on the defensive front holding Why Not scoreless. A final attempt to tie the score with seconds remaining fell short. Why Not took home their first USPA La Martina Intra-Circuit on a beautiful afternoon in Santa Barbara.

Santi Trotz was awarded Most Valuable Player and received a custom La Martina helmet. His daughter’s horse “Mambo” played by Hana Grill won Best Playing Amateur Pony. Santi Wulff’s mare “Emilia” named after his daughter won Best Playing Professional Pony.

After a fun season of competitive polo, the teams cast their votes for the Season MVP Award and the Best String Award. Mariano Fassetta from Farmers & Merchants Bank was recognized as Season MVP and Santi Wulff and Santi Trotz came in at a tie for the Best String Award.

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